It’s been a great journey everyone… Our two year anniversary is here!

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Our amazing club

Hey Auckland,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic winter so far! The last few weeks with the team have been crazy and we thought it was about time to get you up to date!

Our two year anniversary

Kicking things off – with just a few more days to go, we’re thrilled to announce our two year anniversary! A small recap for those that haven’t been following the page for too long…

A few years ago we had a some old mats and we started training on little Bucklands Beach a few times each week. When winter came, the weather started getting worse so we moved into a garage to continue our training! Week by week went by and we would have a neighbour come along, followed by another, until we ended up with a consistent group of great students. Before we knew it, the current location you’ll find us in today became available so we took a leap and opened what is now our club at the beachside. We’d just like to say to all of our team that we are thrilled you’ve stuck by us and become such an integral part of our BJJ family! (A special mention to the few of you that have been there since the start and are still going strong! You know who you are).

Early garage training days
Early days training in the garage!

So that’s our story, but looking ahead, we’re always looking forward to continuing to provide such a great environment to train in and seeing all of our new and old team alike progress further!

Codie blue belt promotion!

Codie got a promotion

One of our most active competitors, Codie, has also been awarded his blue belt earlier this month! Codie has won numerous Gi and NoGi competitions. There is no doubt Codie will continue to smash the competition circuit at blue/intermediate divisions. We’re excited to see how his Jiu Jitsu progresses! It was an absolute pleasure to award this well earned belt to a very humble and respectful member of this team!

New techniques

Submission only NoGi competition, a breakdown

Talking of the NoGi comp, we had three of our team head down for some Sub-Only fun. Chris, Codie and assistant instructor Ryan represented the team and themselves really impressively. First up was Chris who, despite only being with us a short time, won his first two matches via arm bar after losing to the winner of the division after a fourteen minute war! It was truly awesome to watch.

As aforementioned, Codie ran through his division not going past the five minute mark in any of his matches to take gold. Exciting times ahead for the next step up!

Ryan wins his fight

Lastly, we had Ryan hit the Advanced division. He had to go up a few weight classes but had some great matches. His only loss in the under 80kg advanced was in the final against a really tough opponent – a wicked start taking Silver! Next up was the absolute division… This time a slightly smaller division but again providing some excellent experiences to test himself. After his first match Ryan went on to go against a much larger opponent, after capitalising on technique and cardio which was in his favour, Ryan did a fantastic job to finish via a choke. He then went into his final match where he lost by knee bar to a tough opponent who went on to win the absolute division.

Beatriz Mesquita black belt seminar

World Champion Beatriz Mesquita Seminar

To finish off these crazy few months past, we were fortunate enough to host TEN time world champion, ADCC Champion, 5 x Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion and EBI Bantam Weight Champion Beatriz Mesquita for a last minute seminar.
Beatriz taught an amazing session and we were thrilled to be able to share our mat with her! We learned some top techniques that I’m sure everyone in attendance will add to their game! I want to give a massive thank you to all of the people that came along to support the event from our own and other clubs!

No doubt, the next time Bia is back we’ll try and get her along again.

That’s it! See you on the mats. – Andy

July competition news and changes going forward! Club news

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Hey Auckland,

Another hectic few winter months, we thought we’d kick off with the results for the Regional Gi Championships.
Win or lose, everyone did amazingly and we finished 5th overall. We want to stress how this is such a massive achievement for us, after all we’ve not even been open for two years!

Leading from the front, assistant instructor Ryan took gold in the Purple Belt division at just 17 in his first competition as a purple belt! You can watch his fight by clicking this link.

Over the next few days the team will be hitting the submission only no-gi competition in Hamilton. This format usually provides dynamic fights and a fascinating learning experience for everyone involved. As always, go and do your best but more importantly, remember to have fun!

Four new blue belts and one new purple belt

New developments ahead?

Over the coming months, we’ll be creating a diary, to recount some of the amazing training experiences our students have taken at the club. We hope this will provide an insight into life on the mats, and the intricacies and benefits that have our students have seen during their time here. Keep your eyes peeled for this soon, it’s a first for us!

Assistant instructor Ryan gold at purple belt

Lastly, as of the 8th of July, we’re proud to announce we’re plastic free… We no longer allow single use water bottles in light of recent moves to protect the environment. It’s just a small change and there’s always more that can be done, but we believe the advantages of this will outweigh any negatives. So please, going forward, remember to bring reusable bottles!

Little warriors competitors for our club

Look forward to seeing you all on the mat soon 🤙🏻

Our doors are now open for you, are you ready to train?