You finally did it! (Belt promotions) June 2019 club updates.

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Belt promotions at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

Hey Auckland,

We’ve got some exciting news for you to kick off our June club updates!

Four new blue belts and one new purple belt


We were proud to have been able to award some new belt promotions to our hard-working students. Firstly, there is only going to be a handful of times when we are able to award several belts simultaneously as everyone has their own progression rate and normally, they have started training at varied times.

However due to several members all starting at a very similar time, we had the pleasure of awarding four blue belts and a purple belt!

Even more gratifying was the fact that most of the new blue belts aren’t regular competitors but instead, normal every day people with jobs and families. It’s been great to watch the progression of the team over the past few years, some of these new blue belts were even part of the original dozen training out of a garage!

With that being said, massive congratulations to Steve, Trent, Kevin and Malcolm – keep up the great effort and train hard! This is an important step in your Jiu Jitsu journey, and it’s only going to get better from here.

We are also happy to announce that Ryan, after a decade of training and at just seventeen, was awarded his purple belt. Ryan is an active competitor and have proven himself in several advanced divisions against purple, brown and black belt competition. He has also won the adult Gi and No Gi Regional and National Championships.

We’re looking forward to seeing Ryan’s next step up at the competition level with this new belt grade!

Click here to watch a clip of Ryan competing.

Happy students getting a new grade

For all of you

To all of our other students, new and experienced, keep training hard and before you know it, you’ll also reap the rewards of your amazing efforts. No matter if you’re chasing ability, self defense, weight loss or just simply enjoy being part of the team!

NZ Grappler Regional Gi Competition

Lastly, and while we’re talking of our next steps, it’s only a week away until the NZ Grappler Regional Gi Competition. Good luck to all of the team involved… As always—win or lose—learn and have fun!

See you on the mats! Thank you.

Our doors are now open for you, are you ready to train?