We came in strong for the NoGi regionals! Club news, March 2019

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Club members Bucklands Beach BJJ

Hey Auckland,

I think we can all agree it was a long, hot and eventful summer. March is now watching us roll into Autumn with some more NoGi news at your favourite club, Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA!

NoGi Regionals Competitors

Our team took a trip down to the NoGi regionals at the end of last month and as always, they did amazingly! With only twelve entries (and just 18 months since club’s inception), Bucklands Beach BJJ came 10th out of over 50 participating clubs.

Some really tough battles and lots of learning, regardless of the wins or losses! Our special mentions go to Alicia, Cail and Codie, who all took gold in their respective divisions. This is the second gold in two competitions for all three competitors, so onwards and upwards!

Little Warriors!

A massive shoutout also to our assistant instructor Ryan, who also won silver at the purple belt division (despite still being a blue belt whose just 17 years old). Massive thanks to the Oliver MMA team and all of the supporting clubs and officials, who made this yet another top event which was not to be missed.

We’re looking forward to the Nationals coming up on the 6th of April… Let us know if you’ll be joining us!

As we continue to grow, we decided to add additional MMA & NoGi classes, on both Monday and Wednesday! These classes will also have a mix of Sambo and Wrestling Drills for those that would like to expand their defensive skillset, whilst wanting to push themselves that bit harder on top of the Jiu Jitsu they know and already love.

Happy students at Bucklands Beach BJJ

Growing yoga classes

In other club-related news, the yoga classes have been an effective way to relax and stretch mid week with our amazing instructor Tash. We have a diverse mix of men and woman attending these yoga classes, who get to experience an amazing view overlooking Bucklands Beach where the sunset lies. As the cooler months start to arrive, is there a better location to unwind? Really, we’re asking…

We always enjoy keeping you updated and we are so happy with the progress everyone is making. As always, we will keep you posted with the latest news next month!

In the meantime, see you on the mats!
– Cheers guys, Andy

Our very first update on what’s been happening at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA!

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The students have been working hard at Bucklands Beach BJJ and MMA

Kia Ora Auckland, I hope all is well.

My name is Andy Medcalf and I am coaching at the newest martial arts academy in Bucklands Beach. I wanted to update all of my team mates and everyone in the local community about what’s been going on recently at our club which has started with humble beginnings. My aim in this is to promote the hard work my son and my students have been putting in, and to encourage any new prospective students to come down and experience the mats for themselves.

Firstly, after many hours of moving parts, the academy has finally made the transition from its temporary hub in my garage, to a permanent relocation in a beautiful facility overlooking the Bucklands Beach area. This new facility is clean, well-matted and has good lighting for a positive learning environment. Below is a picture of my family getting warmed up trying out the new mats!

Andy Medcalf training BJJ with his family

For several years now, I have moved away from the BJJ and MMA competition scene where I spent much of my youth. I have been developing my students so they can gain their own achievements in these sports. This year, to reconnect with competition, to hone my skills and to feel adrenaline, I decided to compete in the New Zealand National Grappler Tournament held in Auckland, alongside my son Ryan whose been training hard as always.

National BJJ Grapplers competition based in Auckland, NZ

The National Championship is the biggest competition in the country; it hosts kids, adults and master’s (30 years plus) divisions.
My son Ryan got off to a slow start and lost his first match to the winner of his division, a BJJ blue belt, he went on to dominate the next and to take the bronze medal. We have discussed what went well, what went wrong and what we can work on at the academy. Ryan is excited for the next opportunity to face the local talent in any upcoming competitions.

Andy Medcalf Bucklands Beach BJJ Coach winning gold at the NZ Grappling national competition

Myself, although in the master 2 age bracket, entered the adult division as I always have throughout my international / domestic competition career. It was a very small division but I went in with the same approach I’ve always had, ready to fight as many opponents as were required. I quickly rose on points and I landed a six-minute choke in the final. This means I’m now the super heavyweight brown belt national champion in the adult division.

Group shot of the guys at the club!

Needless-to-say I’m very proud of all the hard work that has been put in lately by the club, my family and even myself. Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA is a truly positive environment where hard works pays off and everyone is improving!

Good work guys – Andy

Our doors are now open for you, are you ready to train?