Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our students, friends and family!

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Join Bucklands Beach BJJ in 2020

Hey Auckland,

After a hectic few months we thought it’s time to round off another great year at Bucklands Beach BJJ.

National Championships – black belt Gi National Champion

In our last blog post, the team was preparing for the Gi National Championships. As always, all the team did themselves and their club proud. Wins or losses, it was great to see everyone perform so well under in a high-pressure environment.
This was the first time I’d competed for a while and it was also my first time competing as Black Belt. After taking gold in various competitions domestically and internationally I was keen to train as hard as I could to see how I performed at a new level.
Granted, it was a small division, but I was happy to walk away with a victory in the final taking gold in the super heavy/ultra heavy black belt adult division! A massive thank you to all of the team for helping me prepare.
Currently undefeated in gi competitions in New Zealand at brown and black belt, the Oceania Championship is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to another challenge at an international level.

Andy Medcalf teaching

Rising competitors

One of our dedicated team members, Cody, has been quietly training hard and he recently received his promotion to blue belt (intermediate division).
His first competition, mentioned above, was the Gi National Championships. This was his first time at blue belt and after six or seven matches Cody narrowly lost out in the final to take silver! Not wanting to stop there, over the past few months Cody has also competed in both Mana and Full Force, submission only competitions. Again, these were his first time in an intermediate no gi competition and Cody went on to take gold in both! Top performances.
Along with Cody, we have a really strong competition team with up and comers such as Josh (recently taking gold after 10 matches at the Mana Championship), Cail, Alicia, Christli and some of the Little Warriors, among others.
It’s great to see a mix of day to day hobbiests and competitors alike, helping each other on the mats in every session. Keep up the good work everyone! With the New Year on the near horizon, everyone is looking forward to getting back to it in 2020!

Gold medal winner

Meet the boss – a lifestyle transformation!

As with previous blogs, this one is also going to feature some news from Claire (my wife and the brains behind Bucklands Beach BJJ).
Claire usually runs the blogs, page and business, whereas I have the easy part of turning up to roll and teach. That’s why it’s awesome to have the opportunity to write this section and tell a short story of the past twelve months on the mats, and why BJJ really is for everyone.

This time last year, Claire was 74kg. Not unfit, but not really focused on staying healthy. After around 13 years of trying to persuade her to try BJJ, she finally caved in and decided to give it a go. It hasn’t been easy and sure, there’s been the occasional broken nail or bruise; but with some good workouts and a several realizations, it’s not actually as bad as she first thought (despite being tough of course)!

Claire has gone on to receive two tags on her white belt this year! This is a great achievement however it’s not the only reason I wanted to write this blog. Since then, her fitness improved, and her diet gradually started to shift. She also started an exercise routine on top of the grappling and has gone down to 63kg! That’s 11kg down and she’s looking in great shape!
Just a quick shout out to anyone male or female that thinks it’s going to be too tough. That thinks they’re too unfit to start… You’re right, it is tough. You probably will struggle when you start… The important thing to remember is that this won’t be the case for long. Just train and your fitness will improve. Also your confidence, mental health, ability to defend yourself and of course, your body shape!

Claire Medcalf 2 stripe white belt

New blue belts

Massive congratulations to Jeremy, Alberto, Josh and Heath who received their blue belts recently! They’ve all been with us since the foundation of the club and their determination and ability has been a great addition to our team! Well done, you deserve this.

Ashley Williams seminar

Big thank you to Ashley Williams, the recent Polaris Champion for holding a brilliant no gi seminar! Some interesting concepts and details the team and I personally have taken on board. Looking forward to having you back again soon.

Gold medal winner

Join our team #2020

Every week we receive emails and phone calls from individuals asking if it’s okay to come along, even if they’ve never done anything like this before.
We all started in the same position and our classes cater for beginners and advanced grapplers alike (we have had people overweight, underweight, confident, not confident). It really doesn’t matter you are who you are, you are welcome to come along and have a go! After the first few sessions, all of the apprehensions will be gone and you will start learning a new skill, developing a new passion and being part of an already amazing team (that would love to have you)!
We’re open as usual in the New Year and we’re looking forward to seeing new and old members back on the mats for 2020!

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year, we wish you all the best.

Claire (white belt 2 tags!) and Andy

We came in strong for the NoGi regionals! Club news, March 2019

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Club members Bucklands Beach BJJ

Hey Auckland,

I think we can all agree it was a long, hot and eventful summer. March is now watching us roll into Autumn with some more NoGi news at your favourite club, Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA!

NoGi Regionals Competitors

Our team took a trip down to the NoGi regionals at the end of last month and as always, they did amazingly! With only twelve entries (and just 18 months since club’s inception), Bucklands Beach BJJ came 10th out of over 50 participating clubs.

Some really tough battles and lots of learning, regardless of the wins or losses! Our special mentions go to Alicia, Cail and Codie, who all took gold in their respective divisions. This is the second gold in two competitions for all three competitors, so onwards and upwards!

Little Warriors!

A massive shoutout also to our assistant instructor Ryan, who also won silver at the purple belt division (despite still being a blue belt whose just 17 years old). Massive thanks to the Oliver MMA team and all of the supporting clubs and officials, who made this yet another top event which was not to be missed.

We’re looking forward to the Nationals coming up on the 6th of April… Let us know if you’ll be joining us!

As we continue to grow, we decided to add additional MMA & NoGi classes, on both Monday and Wednesday! These classes will also have a mix of Sambo and Wrestling Drills for those that would like to expand their defensive skillset, whilst wanting to push themselves that bit harder on top of the Jiu Jitsu they know and already love.

Happy students at Bucklands Beach BJJ

Growing yoga classes

In other club-related news, the yoga classes have been an effective way to relax and stretch mid week with our amazing instructor Tash. We have a diverse mix of men and woman attending these yoga classes, who get to experience an amazing view overlooking Bucklands Beach where the sunset lies. As the cooler months start to arrive, is there a better location to unwind? Really, we’re asking…

We always enjoy keeping you updated and we are so happy with the progress everyone is making. As always, we will keep you posted with the latest news next month!

In the meantime, see you on the mats!
– Cheers guys, Andy

And… We’re back! Our September announcements

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Coach Andy Medcalf of Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA receives Black Belt

Hello again Auckland!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, we’ve just been so busy building the team and training super hard (with a ton of work happening behind the scenes) this winter! In this post, I want to discuss some of the things that have been taking place recently.

Raphael Dos Santos Head Coach

I received my black belt!

Firstly, I’m extremely proud to have received my black belt in BJJ after around 13 years of training from my friend, professor and former world champion, Raphael Dos Santos! I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of my team and the various training partners over the years that helped me achieve this massive milestone! What a journey it has been.

Andy Medcalf receiving blackbelt in BJJ

Kickboxing classes with Kevin Davis!

On the academy front, we’ve just started morning kickboxing classes! These kick off at 5:30am on Mondays and Fridays. Our early morning sessions are currently being held by Kevin Davies. Kevin has had seven amateur MMA fights and was the 2012 Chinese Kickboxing National Champion. In addition, Kevin ran children’s MMA classes for two years and is also an NZ Iron Certified Kettlebell instructor. Kevin is also an official for the NZMMA, being well respected as a judge and ref for both amateur and professional MMA events. So, for anyone who wants to train with him, you really will be in the most experienced hands. These classes are a great way to start the day before heading off to work!

Side note: we’re also exploring the possibility of striking and fitness classes in the evenings so keep an eye out for future updates! We’ll let you know what’s happening with this.

Busy academy at Bucklands Beach BJJ

NZ Grappler National Championships

Along with most clubs across Auckland, we’ve just been in attendance to the New Zealand Grappler National Championships – Only a small team went along this time and we had some really good efforts against some great opponents! Special mention to Codie, who has only been with us a short time and in his first white belt competition won four tough matches to take the Silver Medal in the lightweight division. As always, we’re extremely proud of everyone that puts themselves (and the club) on the line to test their skills. Win or lose, you should be proud to have had the determination to place yourselves in that environment!

Needless to say, massive thank you to the New Zealand Grappler team that put so much into making this such a smooth and organised competition! The No-Gi competition is coming up next month (13th Oct). Not everyone wants to compete but for those who do, this is a great platform to get out there!

Little Warriors children's martial arts grading Aucklands

It all goes without saying but…

I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our members, past and present who make the club what it is! We truly value each and every one of you for your contribution to making the club such a great place to train! The Bucklands Beach BJJ is a growing community and second home for so many of us.

Perhaps you’ve come and gone but you’d like to come back. Perhaps you’ve been watching from the sidelines wondering if it’s for you. Whatever your reason, feel free to drop by anytime! Our doors are always open. Summer is a great time to pick up a new hobby and join the team! (plus, it’s not going to be too long before everyone’s in the sea after training to cool off.)

To our existing members – keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll see you all back on the mats.

Children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

– Andy

Winter Training & New Zealand’s High Level Grapplers Competition

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Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA club news June 2018

Hello again Auckland!

We had a fantastic summer at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA but now the weather has cooled off and winter’s here. Sunshine or rain, It’s brilliant to see our team regularly hitting the mats, helping each other progress! Yes, you’ve heard it before, but if you’ve been sat on the side-lines thinking of trying something new, drop by and check us out! We’re always accepting new students to join our growing ranks and we know you’ll love this club as much as we do.

Auckland Children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Training and competition

It’s not easy preparing for a BJJ competition, it requires energy and determination, but we always encourage our team to jump in and try one every now and then. This is a great platform to put your skills to the test against other people at a similar level. Competitions are not for everyone and you should only do whatever you’re comfortable with, but as the famous quote goes: ‘you win, or you learn,’ so really, there’s no losing.

TNTfc NZ high level grappling competition. Competitor Andy Medcalf from Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA


Our club has given it their all over the last few months turning up at multiple competitions and achieving all kinds of success. I believe in leading by example so when the opportunity came up for me to compete in a high level eight-man invitational competition, there was only one choice and that was to just go for it. The Submission-Only competition was called TNTfc and it saw eight of New Zealand’s top grapplers in a NoGi event going head to head in the under/over 80kg divisions. I gave it my all but unfortunately on this occasion, I was knocked out of the competition by eventual winner Dan Digby. Massive congratulations to Dan and his team and a big thank you to the TNTfc organisers for having me along!

No-Gi Submission only New Zealand BJJ Comp

It’s nearly been a whole year!

In other news, we’re heading towards our one-year anniversary. Some of you may remember our grassroots (a humble garage). What started as just two guys training has grown into something far greater than I would have ever expected. Hugely proud of the Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA family. More news to come soon regarding our one-year celebrations happening this August! Stay posted via Facebook where we’ll be keeping you up to date. It’s going to be fun and you deserve it everyone.

June 2018 training Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

Keep training and I’ll see you at our next session! Cheers. – Andy

Free Beginners Course, Signature Gis, Yoga Classes, Charity Roll and Competition… March Announcements!

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March Announcements Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

Kia Ora Auckland!

February was highly eventful and we are incredibly happy with how this year is shaping up. The overall progress we are witnessing in both our adult and Little Warrior students is phenomenal… If you didn’t see our last post and you want to get up to speed with some of our other developments, you can click here! 🙂 Aside from a free beginners course, we’ve got A LOT to talk about today…

Little Warriors classes at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA, March 2018

Upcoming events: Charity Roll, No-Gi Nationals. 📅

As we head into March, the team have began to knuckle down for the No-Gi Nationals which are taking place on April 7th. Whether or not you are participating, we can safely say that everyone has been taking an active part in helping those wanting to test themselves in a competitive environment! (We know this is the first time for some you, so congrats). Remember… Win or lose, it’s supposed to be a fun day and more importantly, it’s a killer learning experience!

Super important note. we’re now one week away from our next charity roll, raising funds for the children’s charity Variety. We appreciate anyone who can make it here to raise money for this awesome cause… Please donate and we will be sure to report back and let you know how the day goes!

Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA students will be competing in Auckland at the No-Gi Nationals competition

Yoga?! 🌞

Now we are pleased to announce a new and exciting addition to the Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA curriculum. It’s something a little different but we are currently preparing for the addition of morning yoga classes! Again, we are going to update you very soon with more details as a number of students have expressed interest in these lessons. It’s a well known fact that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and yoga can really compliment each other considering the dynamic and unorthodox nature of both sports/activities; so we’re excited to be able to provide you the opportunity to experience this for yourself.

Know somebody who wants to start training but they’ve been reluctant to come? Find out why now is the right time.

For March only, we will be teaching beginners BJJ classes for FREE to new and prospective students—there is huge interest in this and we only have a few more spaces remaining for these classes so if you want to take part—you should contact us today. This absolute beginners course will cover the basic moves, positions and will act as an awesome stress-free induction into our main classes. You can leave any insecurities behind and step into the class knowing what to expect, but also that nothing is expected of you (aside from a willingness to learn). You should feel comfortable asking any questions you have, no matter how insignificant you feel they are! We were all beginners once. The classes kick off on March 12th.

One final note. 🥋

So for a while now we’ve been selling gis to our students from one of our favourite local brands – Respect. Now we said we were going to do something else as well. It wasn’t easy but we’ve managed to source and design our own signature Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA club gis! They are going to become available SOON (alongside our current range) and we couldn’t be happier with them. The reason this took a while is that we wanted to find a manufacturer we trusted, who could create a gi which we could feel comfortable in, which we would compete in and which we could use again and again over an extended duration of time. Well, we’ve made it so check out the photos! If this is of interest to you, stay posted because we are very excited to try this out.

Signature Custom Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA gis available at the club.

Signature gis on sale at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA Auckland

Keep rolling and we hope March treats you well. See you on the mats – Andy.

Think you can roll for SIX hours straight? February announcements!

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Bucklands Beachside Blog

Hello from Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA,

It’s early February but we’ve already got some exciting news to share…

Variety Children's Charity supported by Bucklands BJJ & MMA

If you remember, we held a charity event last year in October which was a really positive experience for all involved. We are once again going to participate in a six-hour roll in aide of Variety Children’s Charity! Variety was the first charity that Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA decided to sponsor and we’re a strong advocate of the work they do for young people in New Zealand but also across the globe.

We are inviting any grapplers (beginners or advanced) from Auckland and the surrounding area to jump onto the mats and roll with us… You don’t have to spar for the whole 6 hours but if you think you’re up for it, it’s an engaging challenge! We want to raise a good donation for an even better cause… Is there a more-fun way to do so than through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?! If you don’t train, we’d still love to welcome you on the day, a little support goes a long way. Check out Variety – the Children’s Charity website for more details!

Little Warriors Auckland Children's Martial Arts Classes

Speaking of the youth, as our new students training in the Little Warriors Children’s Martial Arts syllabus have started getting more and more involved, it’s been awesome to see the children’s BJJ classes continue to grow, following the progress of the existing Little Warriors. Moreover… Massive congratulations to Tyler, Maisie and Corbyn who have been awarded their first belt in BJJ! They’ve worked super hard to gain their grey and white belts and continue to give it their all on a weekly basis! Also, to some of the others receiving tags on their belts, you should be proud so keep up the good work!

Moving onto the adult classes, we’re seeing a high-level of diversity in the club and it’s being reflected in a friendly & truly positive atmosphere. Everyone’s pushing each other and helping the overall development of the team! It’s been noted how many individuals are hitting their own goals whilst having genuine fun. Even more than that, you guys have been letting us know what training here means to you via Facebook and Google reviews. We really do pay attention to these things, so when we get comments like:

  • “A friendly and welcoming place with no BS. Thanks for creating an awesome atmosphere that makes me feel at ease to learn and make mistakes!”
  • “My 7 year old also joined! He loves sport (soccer, rock climbing, wrestling, and running) and I asked him just this week what his favourite thing to do was…his answer…training BJJ with Andy right here in Bucklands Beach!”

We know we are making a difference.

Coach Andy Medcalf & Family Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

Now, let’s put our training into action — February will kick off preparation for the No Gi Regionals & Nationals Competitions (both held in Auckland) coming up in April… We’re going to be upping the intensity of certain drills, so our students will feel prepared for what might be your first exposure to the competition scene. There is no “right” time to start competing, the only thing I can guarantee is that you can learn more in those 5 minutes than you would in any other BJJ setting. Let’s do this.

As always, see you on the mats. Oss!

– Andy

We aim to give our students more! Bucklands Beach BJJ January Announcements

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Fantastic announcements this January at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA Auckland

Dear Residents of Auckland,

Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA has had a great start to 2018, so thanks for all the support. If you didn’t see our last post, we were discussing how we’ve become a partner of the REORG Royal Marine Jiu Jitsu charity.

We aim to give our students more!

We’re super pleased to tell you that (admittedly), the mats at the club were getting tight on space, so we’ve added another 50% of mat space to accommodate this and to give you more room to learn. 😊

Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA has 50% more mat space

We’ve also added a new class to our syllabus every Wednesday (at no extra cost, it’s included for free in the current membership!) This class should give you more convenience in choosing when’s best for you to come down; but it also means you get to develop your technical skills at a higher level. It goes without saying but the best way to improve your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game is trough consistency. If you can hit two or three training sessions a week on a regular basis, you’re going to be learning a lot in a short space of time.

Now here’s another announcement for you.

Due to popular demand, we created a clothing range and we hope it will help represent what training in BJJ means to you! We’ve got caps, hoodies and t-shirts in a range of sizes and colours, all available at the club itself — by the way, the clothes look awesome 😉. On a related note, we’ve started selling the Respect Gi’s at the club as well, so if you’re looking at picking up your first Gi, this is a brand we trust, and it should make the purchasing process more convenient than ordering over the web.

Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA has released a clothing range.

Keep an eye out for our February blog post with news about another charity roll coming soon (the last one was so much fun and we’re really enjoying the social work).

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of trying something new or becoming part of this exciting team, check out our website and come along for a free trial! It’s zero obligation, we want you to make up your mind and see what we’re all about.

Busy and exciting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes

You’ll hear from us again in February, we always try our hardest to update this blog every month. And… That reminds us; the Beachside Blog got nominated for the top 100 BJJ blogs, something we really didn’t expect so it’s a bonus considering some of our own favourites are on that list.

We look forward to seeing you on the mats. Oss!

Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA is officially supporting military serving personnel and veterans, through a Royal Marines charity!

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Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA is supporting the REORG Royal Marine charity, becoming its Auckland sponsor.

2018 is upon us, my friends!

In the New Year, our Auckland martial arts club vowed that we would continue to grow, by helping our community and providing BJJ & MMA classes. These are sports which we can honestly say have changed our lives for the better, and we know they can help you. Now we have some great news to share with you!

We are proud to announce that we are an endorsed club for the REORG Jiu Jitsu foundation in Auckland.

The REORG Jiu Jitsu Foundation launched, in association with The Royal Marines Charity. Their mission is to provide a platform for serving personnel and veterans to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as part of their recovery pathway and to combat the challenge of mental health and physical disabilities. The REORG Jiu Jitsu foundation is going to be a huge success; with ambassadors such as Tom Hardy, and working alongside the excellent WeDefyFoundation who provide the same service in the United States.

International movie star Tom Hardy practicing BJJ with the REORG marines.

Tom Hardy training with marines at the REORG Jiu Jitsu foundation.

REORG has found an impressive level of support in the BJJ community; Black belts and academies are opening their arms and doors to this foundation. Most recently Master Mauricio Gomes, Prof Roger Gracie and UFC Veteran Dan Hardy have all taken interest.

My own experience working with service men and women.

Prior to moving to New Zealand and forming the academy, I lived in Somerset in the Southwest of the United Kingdom, where I taught BJJ for around 4 years. By coincidence, my house and my club were situated about five minutes from the 40 Commando’s Royal Marine base, so on many occasions, I was invited to come into the division base and train the soldiers, assisting them in their BJJ game. I developed warm bonds with the lads and in 2016, my son and I trained with them when the world renowned BJJ Black belt Champion Andre Galvao was teaching a seminar. Therefore, when we got the opportunity to work with service personnel in NZ, I was particularly interested in it! 🙂

Andy Medcalf and his son training with the Royal Marines '40 Commandos' and Black belt Andre Galvao.

Other announcements in our beach side club…

It’s the New Year and we know you’ve been talking about your resolutions… Come down and get involved in our club. Make friends, work on yourself and gain confidence through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and self defence classes. The Women’s self defence class which we recently added has been going better than expected; so were looking to get some more classes into our syllabus, which we will make sure to keep you all informed about over the new few months.

We hope 2018 treats you well. As always, we look forward to seeing you on the mats.

Here’s our December Round-Up, Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas Auckland!

The beginning of the Bucklands Beach BJJ Summer has been marked by the recent addition of our Ladies only classes. Thank you to our new students, you have approached this sport with confidence and positivity! I fully understand that it’s all very new to so many of you, but you are improving quickly and the vibe at the club is awesome! 🙂

Women's Self Defence Classes in December 2017 at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA!

The Bucklands Youths

Turning our attention to the Little Warriors, these children’s classes are energetic as always! Over the past few months, members of the youth team have dedicated themselves to their training; and they recently received tags on their belts as a mark of their progress. Keep up the good work!

Little Warriors Classes in December at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

A Christmas Gift!

With only 12 days to go until Christmas, we are offering killer membership packages to prospective students. Just pop us a message and learn about how you could get a FREE gi & belt… Wouldn’t that sit nicely under the Christmas tree? 😉

Speaking of Christmas, we don’t plan on stopping! The club will be open as normal, excluding Boxing Day! Along with the normal classes, you’ll be able to spar to your hearts content with all the open-mats we have planned. (If you’re anything like myself, you need to get along and burn off those Christmas calories heading into the new year!)

We’d like to take the chance to thank every member and supporter of Buckland’s Beach BJJ & MMA over the past few months. Having only been open since August, it’s been great to share the mats with you all and we are continually looking forward to seeing your progression in the New-Year, as the next group of new students overcome their apprehension to see what a difference BJJ makes to their lives!

On a small side-note, we’re currently evaluating how to increase our mat-space because we want to create the best experience for learning, clutter-free.

Come train at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA as your New Year's Resolution.

If you are pondering on a New Year’s Resolution, we invite you to walk through our doors and see what BJJ can offer you!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We’ve given the green light to women’s self-defence classes!

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Womens self defence classes commence on November 1st

Good morning Auckland,

Another month has flown by at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA. As always, our doors are open to those who are looking to learn and challenge themselves. If you want to get in shape for the summer season, or pick up some awesome self-defence skills, we would love to meet you.

Some junior member success stories.

This month, Ryan, one of our junior competitors, won the regional no-gi championship at the ASB stadium. The event was NOT to be missed and we couldn’t be prouder, all his fights ended by way of submission. One of our youngest members, Tyler, also jumped in on a few days-notice but fell short against the first competitors he’s ever faced. They’re both looking forward to their next competitions.

An announcement for women living in Auckland!

A few weeks ago, we asked for feedback regarding the formation of women’s only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and self-defence classes. The interest was phenomenal and in return, we’ve given the green light for a trial pilot course. The first class will be next Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. (1st November) … This class will be COMPLETELY FREE for the first week! We urge everyone to spread the word and bring their friends along, we’re confident this will be an exciting course for all involved.

What should you expect?

Taught by Andy Medcalf, a professional martial arts coach and BJJ Brown Belt, you will be taken through the foundations of striking and grappling, with an emphasis on fitness training and easy-to-learn self-defence skills. All our students will be treated with respect and will be given individual attention if they get stuck on anything, we always encourage questions!

What makes our class ideal for women looking to try something new?

The syllabus you will follow is focused around the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Students will learn how to take an aggressor to the floor, where their size advantage will become obsolete against certain techniques which require movement and skill rather than strength. You will learn a range of proven submissions such as the rear-naked choke, the armbar and the triangle choke, all designed to quickly and safely end a fight. You will also learn various stand up techniques with a focus on ‘managing distance’ and using wits to avoid harm.

What do we expect from you?

Students should expect to sweat in our classes! Make sure to bring water because you will definitely burn several hundred calories. Please note that you are not expected to have any previous experience as we will be starting from the basics! For the fastest results, we encourage you to come to every class, however our approach is relaxed and that’s how our students should be at all times. You can take a break at any point and we always stretch out to avoid injuries… You will be welcomed, and you shouldn’t feel intimidated on the mats.

In the meantime…

If you are excited and cannot wait to start your self defence course at our academy, you should check out some of our favorite international videos of bad ass women! 🙂

Click here for seven of Ronda Rousey’s famous armbars in the UFC!
An amazing display of skill from black belts Ariadne Oliveira and Mackenzie Dern
A hilariously awesome introduction to self defence for women post WWII

Thanks for reading and we look forward to meeting you!

Featured was Rener Gracie and Eve Torres Gracie: accreditation

Our doors are now open for you, are you ready to train?