You finally did it! (Belt promotions) June 2019 club updates.

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Belt promotions at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

Hey Auckland,

We’ve got some exciting news for you to kick off our June club updates!

Four new blue belts and one new purple belt


We were proud to have been able to award some new belt promotions to our hard-working students. Firstly, there is only going to be a handful of times when we are able to award several belts simultaneously as everyone has their own progression rate and normally, they have started training at varied times.

However due to several members all starting at a very similar time, we had the pleasure of awarding four blue belts and a purple belt!

Even more gratifying was the fact that most of the new blue belts aren’t regular competitors but instead, normal every day people with jobs and families. It’s been great to watch the progression of the team over the past few years, some of these new blue belts were even part of the original dozen training out of a garage!

With that being said, massive congratulations to Steve, Trent, Kevin and Malcolm – keep up the great effort and train hard! This is an important step in your Jiu Jitsu journey, and it’s only going to get better from here.

We are also happy to announce that Ryan, after a decade of training and at just seventeen, was awarded his purple belt. Ryan is an active competitor and have proven himself in several advanced divisions against purple, brown and black belt competition. He has also won the adult Gi and No Gi Regional and National Championships.

We’re looking forward to seeing Ryan’s next step up at the competition level with this new belt grade!

Click here to watch a clip of Ryan competing.

Happy students getting a new grade

For all of you

To all of our other students, new and experienced, keep training hard and before you know it, you’ll also reap the rewards of your amazing efforts. No matter if you’re chasing ability, self defense, weight loss or just simply enjoy being part of the team!

NZ Grappler Regional Gi Competition

Lastly, and while we’re talking of our next steps, it’s only a week away until the NZ Grappler Regional Gi Competition. Good luck to all of the team involved… As always—win or lose—learn and have fun!

See you on the mats! Thank you.

We’ve got a new instructor! May club updates

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Several new students

Hey Auckland,

It’s been a hectic and exciting few months, so we figured you like a small update… Here it is! 🙂

Elliot, our new instructor.

Heading into winter, it’s great to see even more new faces at our club. Speaking of which, we’re especially pleased to welcome our friend Elliot to the team, who’s working hard to train our students as a new Buckland’s Beach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor. Elliot and I met on the competition scene in the UK around 2013, while in the purple belt division. Today, we share the rank of black belt, so it’s a pleasure to be able to swap years of knowledge and have Elliot bring his wealth of expertise and insightful strategies to the team.

Instructor Elliot is new at Bucklands Beach BJJ

Elliot was a fierce competitor and a regular in several major UK competitions. In 2017 he was the number one ranked competitor in the brown belt division by the UKBJJA.

One of his greatest accomplishments was taking gold in the English open, and silver in the British, both incredibly difficult feats.

Winter means the Gi season competitions are on the near horizon, so I’m confident Elliot will be an amazing addition and a benefit to us all during our training schedule.

Training hard this May!

Come down and train with us!

Not every individual wants to compete, and that’s totally acceptable. We believe there’s a million and one alternative reasons to train Jiu Jitsu and currently at this academy, there’s a great mix of guys and girls, young and old, with different goals and aspirations. Feel free to come along and discover the benefits of training BJJ for yourself.

Until next time,

– Andy

We came in strong for the NoGi regionals! Club news, March 2019

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Club members Bucklands Beach BJJ

Hey Auckland,

I think we can all agree it was a long, hot and eventful summer. March is now watching us roll into Autumn with some more NoGi news at your favourite club, Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA!

NoGi Regionals Competitors

Our team took a trip down to the NoGi regionals at the end of last month and as always, they did amazingly! With only twelve entries (and just 18 months since club’s inception), Bucklands Beach BJJ came 10th out of over 50 participating clubs.

Some really tough battles and lots of learning, regardless of the wins or losses! Our special mentions go to Alicia, Cail and Codie, who all took gold in their respective divisions. This is the second gold in two competitions for all three competitors, so onwards and upwards!

Little Warriors!

A massive shoutout also to our assistant instructor Ryan, who also won silver at the purple belt division (despite still being a blue belt whose just 17 years old). Massive thanks to the Oliver MMA team and all of the supporting clubs and officials, who made this yet another top event which was not to be missed.

We’re looking forward to the Nationals coming up on the 6th of April… Let us know if you’ll be joining us!

As we continue to grow, we decided to add additional MMA & NoGi classes, on both Monday and Wednesday! These classes will also have a mix of Sambo and Wrestling Drills for those that would like to expand their defensive skillset, whilst wanting to push themselves that bit harder on top of the Jiu Jitsu they know and already love.

Happy students at Bucklands Beach BJJ

Growing yoga classes

In other club-related news, the yoga classes have been an effective way to relax and stretch mid week with our amazing instructor Tash. We have a diverse mix of men and woman attending these yoga classes, who get to experience an amazing view overlooking Bucklands Beach where the sunset lies. As the cooler months start to arrive, is there a better location to unwind? Really, we’re asking…

We always enjoy keeping you updated and we are so happy with the progress everyone is making. As always, we will keep you posted with the latest news next month!

In the meantime, see you on the mats!
– Cheers guys, Andy

What a flying start to 2019 for Bucklands Beach BJJ!

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Training this february

Kia-Ora Auckland,

With January all ticked off, we’re back with more updates and progress at our favourite club – Bucklands Beach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

The latest competition to hit the NZ grappling circuit was the Mana Championship. Hosted by ATOS, the competition ran smoothly and was a killer opportunity to warm up before the Regionals which are fast approaching at the end of February. Mana was submission-only and for some, a new rule set to contend with.

We had four competitors, including three in the beginner division who were brave to jump right in.

Mana Championship!

Our first contender was Codie, who won all of his matches quickly taking gold in the under 70kg division! Amazing work Codie. Next up was James, who also took gold in the under 80kg division with a mix of subs and draws… Again, brilliant effort. Our final competitor in the beginner’s division was Jeremy, who took gold in the under 100kg! This means all three of our beginner competitors won their tiers and we are super proud of them.

Junior instructor Ryan went into the under 80kg advanced division (a mix of purple belt to black belt), where he had some strong performances against seasoned competitors.

Ryan has some great matches and did the club proud unfortunately falling short losing via heel hook. Some valuable experiences to take away as always – in Jiu Jitsu you win, or you learn! If you want some footage of one of his fights, here’s a cool video.

Ryan Medcalf competitor

We will keep you updated with the latest results from the next sub-only in Hamilton this week and the regionals when the results come in.

Club promotion

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Allan on receiving his blue belt! At almost 50 years old and after over two and a half years on the mats, I was proud to award Allan his well-deserved promotion. This is a massive milestone and to all those receiving tags on their belts this month, keep training hard as the only way is upwards.

More mat space to facilitate our growth

In other news, we’re proud to announce we now have an even bigger mat space! We’ve witnessed the Bucklands Beach family grow like crazy since our inception, so more space was certainly needed. Massive shout out to Respect Fightwear for providing the mats, helping us create an even better training atmosphere for our amazing students.

Our new Yoga classes

Last but not least, Yoga classes at Bucklands Beach BJJ have continued to expand! Tash is doing a really amazing job bringing a wealth of experience and new perspectives to the team. By its nature, Yoga perfectly blends with the BJJ classes and has been undertaken by a wide mix of ages and abilities to help their wellbeing and flexibility whilst having fun!
In a calming environment and with the Buckland Beach sunset as a back drop, what better way is there to start the week?

Let’s keep the positive vibes rolling everyone!

As always, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to be part of our team; our doors are open for you.

– Andy

Yoga Classes, Submission Only Competition & Clark Gracie Seminar!

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Growing academy at Bucklands Beach!

Hey Auckland,

Firstly, welcome to 2019!

After a busy close last year, we’re happy to announce we now have yoga classes available from our beachside venue. These classes are a great way to stretch, relax and revitalise in a warm relaxing atmosphere in front of the sea, rain or shine!

We had chance to catch up with our amazing yoga instructor Tash…

Tash Yoga Instructor

Check out our interview with Tash below:

How long have you been teaching and doing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for six years, and teaching for four years.

How many styles do you teach?

I teach four styles including Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, and Hatha yoga. Hatha and Vinyasa are faster styles that are strength based, Yin and Restorative are slow styles that are flexibility based.

What benefits has yoga bought to you?

Yoga has given me a much clearer, calmer state of mind. I feel like I am more equiped to deal with life’s challenges. Yoga has also provided me with the tools to manage any pain in my body by eliminating tension through the postures.

Can anyone do yoga?

Anyone and everyone should be doing yoga!

Do you have to be flexible or fit to do yoga?

You do not have to be fit or flexible to do yoga. Yoga will improve your fitness and flexibility dramatically.

Why should I start learning yoga?

Yoga has many benefits and provides physical and mental balance. Studies have concluded that practicing yoga reduces stress significantly and improves sleeping. Yoga releases tension from your muscles, increases your strength, and improves joint health. It also helps you become more mindful through the focus on breathing properly.

Most of all, it will help you to move more easily, which always proves to be very important as you age.

What should I wear and bring with me?

Wear comfortable clothes that are stretchy. Shorts or leggings are good options. Bring a jacket during cooler months. You can bring a yoga mat if you want extra support.

What goals and ambitions do you have?

My current yoga goals include working towards my handstand this year and practicing regularly; honestly, that can be challenging when life gets busy. I always want to finish my Psychology degree, I’m currently entering my second year of university!

Tell us a little bit about you?

I enjoy being outdoors, taking a hike or going to the beach. I really love travelling and I am always planning my next trip. In fact, I used to be a flight attendant for Emirates airline! I also love sleeping and reading.

Tash, our new yoga instructor

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Kicking off this year, some of the team are preparing for an upcoming submission only contest which promises to be a great opportunity to challenge themselves.

Other students are simply enjoying learning their new skill and finding their new hobby this January at Bucklands Beach!

Club training and seminars

Clark Gracie Seminar

We were honoured and privileged to have none other than 2018 no-gi world champion Clark Gracie teach a seminar for our first session back after the New Year! Clark held an amazing seminar and provided some great details for those in attendance. We’re definitely looking forward to welcoming him back in the future!

Growing academy at Bucklands Beach!

Prospective Students

It’s always daunting to start something new, especially when it’s a close contact combat sport. Our friendly team will help you make the transition to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu white belt smooth and straightforward, whatever your goals are this year.

You may have seen our recent video on the Bucklands Beach Page, if not, check out by clicking here… The point is, it’s that new year now and you don’t have to ask yourself why, just honestly ask yourself, why not?

Andy Medcalf Blackbelt Instructor


In other news, our striking and fitness classes are well under way with a diverse mix of men and woman of all ages and different abilities. These classes are designed to be fun but they are also great at building fitness. Oh, and of course the music is turned up!

We’ll keep you updated with the latest developments as to how the team get along in the upcoming competition! This should be a great experience and it will be great preparation for the no-gi competitions coming up in February.

I truly wish you all the best this year,

– Andy

Participate in our upcoming challenge in support of Variety Children’s Charity! November updates.

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Buckland's Beach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, the fastest growing in Auckland!

Hey Auckland, we hope you’ve been well!

Summer is finally on the way and we have some promising news coming up so let’s jump straight into it.

Variety Childrens Charity and Bucklands Beach BJJ MMA Auckland

Variety Children’s Charity – Can YOU roll for six hours straight?

First up, we are once again supporting Variety, a children’s charity, who do some really great work supporting underprivileged Kiwi kids in our area. Check out this earlier post to learn more about their cause or visit their website by clicking here.

You know the drill… For this charity event, we’re going to be running a 6-hour sparring session, which will once again be open to all clubs, affiliates and spectators that would like to come and support this wonderful cause.

Fastest growing martial arts academy in Auckland!

It’s an ambitious goal but at this time of year, we’d like to have our biggest fundraiser to date so we can help Kiwi kids in need this Christmas! In the past, only the few have managed the entire 6 hours of sparring. Our question is: can YOU make it this time? 😉

Andy Medcalf Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

New classes for you this Christmas… You heard that right!

With our schedule already filling up with more and more classes, we’re excited to announce that we will be adding kickboxing-fitness classes! These classes, due to popular demand, have been designed to be highly dynamic with a hybrid of striking pad-work and demanding circuit training.

Who will these kickboxing-fitness classes be suited for?

  • Those wanting to get fit in a challenging environment which motivates them.

  • Those wanting an alternative workout which is fun and rewarding.

  • Those who want to be part of an amazing team! (Of course).

N.B. we’re not going to be doing any ‘sparring’ in these classes so don’t worry about turning up for work with bruises!

Talking from years of experience, the hardest part with any new class is the courage to actually turn up… once you come along you’ll realise there is nothing to worry about!

We will announce the starting date for the evening sessions in the near future so keep an eye out! More to come.

Little Warriors - Teaching children's self defence at Bucklands Beach BJJ MMA

Progression all across the mats…

Our Little Warriors and Adult BJJ classes have had a brilliant vibe recently as the team continues to progress, pushing each other just that extra bit harder each week. I want to personally commend those of you picking up tags on your belts recently as a tangible sign of this progress! You’ve been working hard and you earned it. Keep it up!

Cheers guys!
Until next time,


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Sparring

Bucklands Beach BJJ took 12 competitors to the Auckland Regional No-Gi Championships!

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Bucklands Beach BJJ Auckland No Gi Regionals

Kia ora Auckland!

Last weekend, our club bought a total twelve competitors to the Auckland Regional No-Gi Championships… Bringing a large team with plenty of support is always a pleasure! Interestingly, this was the first time the New Zealand Grappler organisers implemented the new ‘Smoothcomp’ format, a great addition to an already well-organised competition.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team New Zealand

Smoothcomp at the Auckland Regional No-Gis!

The new concept allowed more space for our competitors to warm up without spectators obstructing, brackets were generated in advance and results were being fed live to the website and our phones following each match. Smoothcomp also keeps a digital record of fight statistics on your personal profile and it’s nice to see BJJ technology advancing.

I had the pleasure of refereeing on the day and I witnessed some very engaging matches! I want to personally take the opportunity to congratulate Steve, Krissy and the team on their top performances!

Podium winners junior brazilian jiu jitsu new zealand

Little Warriors back at it again

Results… The ‘Little Warriors’ squad had a fantastic outing! It was truly an amazing effort to watch.

Special mentions go to Cail, who, in her first competition, won both of her matches to take gold! Her little brother Tayt also won gold after 3 matches! Alicia also took the gold via armbar submission in her second NoGi Competition.

The last special mention from the little warriors was Tyler. Tyler had completed three competitions prior to this one however he had never won a match, or even scored one point in competition. Well, this weekend all of his hard work clicked because he won three matches by submission to take silver! Perseverance breeds results and I am confident this will be the first of many medals for him.

As always with Jiu Jitsu, you either win or you learn, so congrats to all of our juniors involved!

Andy Medcalf BJJ Black Belt and referree

Our adults also bought home some top results

Onto the adults, there was some tough matches and exciting attacking BJJ from all of the team… Also, an outstanding performance from Codie! On the back of his first comp and taking silver in the Gi, this was his first No-Gi competition. Dominating his performances at lightweight, Codie took the gold.

Assistant instructor Ryan (17) who’s currently a blue belt, stepped up to the purple belt adult division. Losing to the eventual winner of the division, Ryan secured an armbar to take the bronze medal.

A memorable day and some brilliant performances from Andrew, Charlie, Jeremy and Kev! Well done to all of you, you should be proud.

7th place out of 46 teams!

Out of the 46 teams present, Bucklands Beach BJJ’s 12 competitors took seventh place at the Auckland Regional No-Gi Championship! Thank you to all of the training partners and families that also came along to support.

As the sun begins to show itself properly, keep an eye out for our team heading down to the beach for post-training swims; they really are the BEST way to finish a session this summer! 😉

BJJ and MMA in Bucklands Beach Auckland

See you at the next class!

And… We’re back! Our September announcements

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Coach Andy Medcalf of Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA receives Black Belt

Hello again Auckland!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, we’ve just been so busy building the team and training super hard (with a ton of work happening behind the scenes) this winter! In this post, I want to discuss some of the things that have been taking place recently.

Raphael Dos Santos Head Coach

I received my black belt!

Firstly, I’m extremely proud to have received my black belt in BJJ after around 13 years of training from my friend, professor and former world champion, Raphael Dos Santos! I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of my team and the various training partners over the years that helped me achieve this massive milestone! What a journey it has been.

Andy Medcalf receiving blackbelt in BJJ

Kickboxing classes with Kevin Davis!

On the academy front, we’ve just started morning kickboxing classes! These kick off at 5:30am on Mondays and Fridays. Our early morning sessions are currently being held by Kevin Davies. Kevin has had seven amateur MMA fights and was the 2012 Chinese Kickboxing National Champion. In addition, Kevin ran children’s MMA classes for two years and is also an NZ Iron Certified Kettlebell instructor. Kevin is also an official for the NZMMA, being well respected as a judge and ref for both amateur and professional MMA events. So, for anyone who wants to train with him, you really will be in the most experienced hands. These classes are a great way to start the day before heading off to work!

Side note: we’re also exploring the possibility of striking and fitness classes in the evenings so keep an eye out for future updates! We’ll let you know what’s happening with this.

Busy academy at Bucklands Beach BJJ

NZ Grappler National Championships

Along with most clubs across Auckland, we’ve just been in attendance to the New Zealand Grappler National Championships – Only a small team went along this time and we had some really good efforts against some great opponents! Special mention to Codie, who has only been with us a short time and in his first white belt competition won four tough matches to take the Silver Medal in the lightweight division. As always, we’re extremely proud of everyone that puts themselves (and the club) on the line to test their skills. Win or lose, you should be proud to have had the determination to place yourselves in that environment!

Needless to say, massive thank you to the New Zealand Grappler team that put so much into making this such a smooth and organised competition! The No-Gi competition is coming up next month (13th Oct). Not everyone wants to compete but for those who do, this is a great platform to get out there!

Little Warriors children's martial arts grading Aucklands

It all goes without saying but…

I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our members, past and present who make the club what it is! We truly value each and every one of you for your contribution to making the club such a great place to train! The Bucklands Beach BJJ is a growing community and second home for so many of us.

Perhaps you’ve come and gone but you’d like to come back. Perhaps you’ve been watching from the sidelines wondering if it’s for you. Whatever your reason, feel free to drop by anytime! Our doors are always open. Summer is a great time to pick up a new hobby and join the team! (plus, it’s not going to be too long before everyone’s in the sea after training to cool off.)

To our existing members – keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll see you all back on the mats.

Children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

– Andy

Winter Training & New Zealand’s High Level Grapplers Competition

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Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA club news June 2018

Hello again Auckland!

We had a fantastic summer at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA but now the weather has cooled off and winter’s here. Sunshine or rain, It’s brilliant to see our team regularly hitting the mats, helping each other progress! Yes, you’ve heard it before, but if you’ve been sat on the side-lines thinking of trying something new, drop by and check us out! We’re always accepting new students to join our growing ranks and we know you’ll love this club as much as we do.

Auckland Children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Training and competition

It’s not easy preparing for a BJJ competition, it requires energy and determination, but we always encourage our team to jump in and try one every now and then. This is a great platform to put your skills to the test against other people at a similar level. Competitions are not for everyone and you should only do whatever you’re comfortable with, but as the famous quote goes: ‘you win, or you learn,’ so really, there’s no losing.

TNTfc NZ high level grappling competition. Competitor Andy Medcalf from Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA


Our club has given it their all over the last few months turning up at multiple competitions and achieving all kinds of success. I believe in leading by example so when the opportunity came up for me to compete in a high level eight-man invitational competition, there was only one choice and that was to just go for it. The Submission-Only competition was called TNTfc and it saw eight of New Zealand’s top grapplers in a NoGi event going head to head in the under/over 80kg divisions. I gave it my all but unfortunately on this occasion, I was knocked out of the competition by eventual winner Dan Digby. Massive congratulations to Dan and his team and a big thank you to the TNTfc organisers for having me along!

No-Gi Submission only New Zealand BJJ Comp

It’s nearly been a whole year!

In other news, we’re heading towards our one-year anniversary. Some of you may remember our grassroots (a humble garage). What started as just two guys training has grown into something far greater than I would have ever expected. Hugely proud of the Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA family. More news to come soon regarding our one-year celebrations happening this August! Stay posted via Facebook where we’ll be keeping you up to date. It’s going to be fun and you deserve it everyone.

June 2018 training Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

Keep training and I’ll see you at our next session! Cheers. – Andy

Regional Gi Competition Results, Special Mentions & Club News

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Dear Auckland,

2018 has been treating us well at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA. Multiple competitions have recently passed and with more on the horizon, May has witnessed a lot of moving parts at our club.

Regional Gi comp results – lots of success!

Last weekend in particular saw the Regional gi competition take place in Auckland, it was a highly anticipated event with a number of our Little Warriors and adult students taking part. Fantastic efforts and killer performances after such a short time training! Too many names to individually mention but you know who you are, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing you progress. Competitions are the ultimate test of your training efforts and win or lose, you’re going to learn more about what your capable of, and what you need to work on, then in any other training environment. We hope you’ve taken away some positives from the weekend and we are here to support you in your future competitions!

Gi regional Auckland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition

Special Mentions

Our special mention go to Tayt (Little Warriors student) in his first gi competition. He fought his way through some tough opponents and valiantly reached the final where he lost narrowly on points.

Bucklands Beach instructor Ryan is the NoGi regional/ national champion at juvenile and now taken the adult blue belt regional gi title. He’s also had difficulties with illness and has struggled to train in the run up to this competition, so he showed impressive character bouncing back after losing earlier in the day to a higher weight class.

Bucklands Beach evening training


On the 9th June, I’ve been invited to take part in TNTfc which follows an exciting submission only competition format. Coming back off the gi national competition win last year, I’m ready to jump in and give it a go against eight of the highest-ranking grapplers in New Zealand. This one is going to be tough no doubt but I’ll give it my all and I look forward to seeing some of you there! If you want to learn more about this event, click here!

Final note – Come train with us!

If anyone reading this post is not currently training but is wondering whether now is the time to start, we’d love to meet you and help you begin your BJJ journey. Come visit us at the club – we run classes for adults, for women’s self-defence and for children-only so you can be sure you’re in good hands at one of the fastest growing clubs in Auckland. Jiu Jitsu is a fantastic sport and the benefits are extensive… Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself!

Until next time – Andy 🙂

Our doors are now open for you, are you ready to train?