Think you can roll for SIX hours straight? February announcements!

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Bucklands Beachside Blog

Hello from Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA,

It’s early February but we’ve already got some exciting news to share…

Variety Children's Charity supported by Bucklands BJJ & MMA

If you remember, we held a charity event last year in October which was a really positive experience for all involved. We are once again going to participate in a six-hour roll in aide of Variety Children’s Charity! Variety was the first charity that Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA decided to sponsor and we’re a strong advocate of the work they do for young people in New Zealand but also across the globe.

We are inviting any grapplers (beginners or advanced) from Auckland and the surrounding area to jump onto the mats and roll with us… You don’t have to spar for the whole 6 hours but if you think you’re up for it, it’s an engaging challenge! We want to raise a good donation for an even better cause… Is there a more-fun way to do so than through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?! If you don’t train, we’d still love to welcome you on the day, a little support goes a long way. Check out Variety – the Children’s Charity website for more details!

Little Warriors Auckland Children's Martial Arts Classes

Speaking of the youth, as our new students training in the Little Warriors Children’s Martial Arts syllabus have started getting more and more involved, it’s been awesome to see the children’s BJJ classes continue to grow, following the progress of the existing Little Warriors. Moreover… Massive congratulations to Tyler, Maisie and Corbyn who have been awarded their first belt in BJJ! They’ve worked super hard to gain their grey and white belts and continue to give it their all on a weekly basis! Also, to some of the others receiving tags on their belts, you should be proud so keep up the good work!

Moving onto the adult classes, we’re seeing a high-level of diversity in the club and it’s being reflected in a friendly & truly positive atmosphere. Everyone’s pushing each other and helping the overall development of the team! It’s been noted how many individuals are hitting their own goals whilst having genuine fun. Even more than that, you guys have been letting us know what training here means to you via Facebook and Google reviews. We really do pay attention to these things, so when we get comments like:

  • “A friendly and welcoming place with no BS. Thanks for creating an awesome atmosphere that makes me feel at ease to learn and make mistakes!”
  • “My 7 year old also joined! He loves sport (soccer, rock climbing, wrestling, and running) and I asked him just this week what his favourite thing to do was…his answer…training BJJ with Andy right here in Bucklands Beach!”

We know we are making a difference.

Coach Andy Medcalf & Family Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

Now, let’s put our training into action — February will kick off preparation for the No Gi Regionals & Nationals Competitions (both held in Auckland) coming up in April… We’re going to be upping the intensity of certain drills, so our students will feel prepared for what might be your first exposure to the competition scene. There is no “right” time to start competing, the only thing I can guarantee is that you can learn more in those 5 minutes than you would in any other BJJ setting. Let’s do this.

As always, see you on the mats. Oss!

– Andy

Our doors are now open for you, are you ready to train?