Here’s our December Round-Up, Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas Auckland!

The beginning of the Bucklands Beach BJJ Summer has been marked by the recent addition of our Ladies only classes. Thank you to our new students, you have approached this sport with confidence and positivity! I fully understand that it’s all very new to so many of you, but you are improving quickly and the vibe at the club is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

Women's Self Defence Classes in December 2017 at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA!

The Bucklands Youths

Turning our attention to the Little Warriors, these children’s classes are energetic as always! Over the past few months, members of the youth team have dedicated themselves to their training; and they recently received tags on their belts as a mark of their progress. Keep up the good work!

Little Warriors Classes in December at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA

A Christmas Gift!

With only 12 days to go until Christmas, we are offering killer membership packages to prospective students. Just pop us a message and learn about how you could get a FREE gi & belt… Wouldn’t that sit nicely under the Christmas tree? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of Christmas, we don’t plan on stopping! The club will be open as normal, excluding Boxing Day! Along with the normal classes, you’ll be able to spar to your hearts content with all the open-mats we have planned. (If you’re anything like myself, you need to get along and burn off those Christmas calories heading into the new year!)

Weโ€™d like to take the chance to thank every member and supporter of Buckland’s Beach BJJ & MMA over the past few months. Having only been open since August, itโ€™s been great to share the mats with you all and we are continually looking forward to seeing your progression in the New-Year, as the next group of new students overcome their apprehension to see what a difference BJJ makes to their lives!

On a small side-note, we’re currently evaluating how to increase our mat-space because we want to create the best experience for learning, clutter-free.

Come train at Bucklands Beach BJJ & MMA as your New Year's Resolution.

If you are pondering on a New Year’s Resolution, we invite you to walk through our doors and see what BJJ can offer you!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our doors are now open for you, are you ready to train?